Berlin Review is an bilingual culture magazine from the German capital. As an independent publishing project, we believe that our complicated present is still best understood through the medium of the written word. Our first issue has been published on February 2, 2024. We publish eight carefully curated online issues an (starting from June 2024) two printed readers per year.

Our ESSAYS explore the central topics of our era and through the lens of personal narrative and long form essayism. Our REVIEWS cut through newly published fiction, non-fiction, poetry and other cultural production. Our MEMOS engage with political and social issues of the day, venture into political battlefields and uncover social trends.

Alongside our online and print issues, we produce a podcast, live events and audio versions of a selection of our essays. Berlin Review is produced by Caroline Adler, Tobias Haberkorn, Eliana Kirkcaldy, Emily Nill, Samir Sellami and a motley crew of freelance writers, designers, and producers. Check out our subscription offers to fully access our content.